Our Process ​​


Initial Meet and Great

When we first meet, our primary goal is to understand you and your project’s vision. We’ll take the time to discuss the project’s scope, including the goals, limitations, and timelines. We believe in clear communication and transparency, setting the expectations for deliverables and budget, so that we’re all on the same page from the very beginning.


Estimated Budget Presentation

Our team will create a detailed budget presentation to provide you with a clear understanding of your project’s financial aspects. We outline projected expenses and possible revenues, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to bring your vision to life. Every assumption is detailed and key financial aspects are clarified, including income, expenses, and capital purchases.


Creating a Contract to move forward with the Project

Creating a contract is a vital step for us. It’s our way of ensuring clarity and establishing mutual expectations. Our contract clearly defines the project scope, timeline, budget, responsibilities, and steps for resolving potential disputes. We always make sure both parties are comfortable with the contract before we begin any construction.


Planning and Design

In our planning and design phase, we put in a great deal of thought and effort. We know the success of your project hinges on meticulous planning and innovative design. We devote ample time and resources to this phase to ensure that the project aligns with your vision and proceeds without hindrances.


Start of Project

The moment we start the project is always exciting. At this stage, we reaffirm the project’s purpose, objectives, and scope. We allocate resources, define team roles, and set the project plan with its milestones, deadlines, and budget. You can expect regular communication from us, as we believe in keeping you informed about the project’s progress, ensuring we are always aligned and working towards success.